Stool rental instead of studio- all advantages and disadvantages for tattoo artists and tattoo studios

Stuhlmiete statt Studio – alle Vor- und Nachteile für Tätowierer und Tattoostudios

Stool rental instead of studio- all advantages and disadvantages for tattoo artists and tattoo studios

It does not always have to be an entire studio for every tattoo artist: a popular model that has long been standard in the United States is the so -called chair rental. Service providers and artists do not only pay an entire studio including ancillary costs, but the tattoo chair is rented day or month. We clarify what makes this business model so popular and what you have to pay attention to as a tenant or landlord.

Win-Win for everyone: the advantages of the chair rental system

  • Independent tattoo artists Can offer your work in hygienic and professionally equipped studios without investing a lot of capital. This minimizes financial risks for founders and seasoned tattoo artists save superfluous rental and additional costs.
  • Studio owner can improve the space utilization in your studios. Piercing studios, cosmetic studios and other service providers with sterile work rooms can also rent their premises to tattoo artists.
  • For customers When changing from the studio to the chair rental, practically nothing changes. Under certain circumstances, tattooing becomes a little cheaper if a tattoo artist changes from the studio to chair rent.

You should definitely consider these things when it comes to chair rental

Tenants and landlords have to consider a few things when renting. The model is Only for self -employed with a trade license planned that the Use the landlord's premises for their own business. Other tax and insurance regulations apply to employees, so the two shops (tattoo artists/studio) have to work and bill them clearly. If there is a suspicion at the tax office or the insurer that an employee relationship is Bogus self -employment is veiled, threatening warnings and high additional payments.

Important for tenants and landlords

  • Salon and tattoo artists must both Independent traders be.
  • The tenant leads a separate cash register And write his own bills. He takes off his taxes independently.
  • That Studio does not pay a fee To the tattoo artist.
  • Rent and utilities are billed for a proportionate or flat rate.
  • All necessary for work Products and devices are bought by the tenant. The tenant brings needles, sterilization devices and tattoo machines.
  • Products that divided in the salon If (for example, plastering material, in some cases also tattoo color, gloves, etc.), are also required to be invoiced (as a flat rate or after consumption).

Sometimes it depends on every drop

In some studios, tenants and landlords share their products, which often occurs with rented rooms for hairdressers and nail designers. If the renting studio itself is a tattoo studio, it is available Common use of cleaning utensils and colors on. Watch out! Every kitchen paper used, every glove and every drop of tattoo paint must be bought by the user and charged by the buyer. Book must be carried out exactly via the amounts used, for example with line lists.

So the billing for a session could look

  • The landlord charges the room rent for one day and the exact amount of consumed products from their own range.
  • If the tenant's products have been used up, this in turn issues an invoice.
  • Let us assume that 2 pots of black tattoo paint from the salon's range were consumed. In this case, the tattoo artist simply weighs the filling weight of his color heads with water (1 milliliter of water = 1 milligrams) and compensates for it proportionately from the purchase price. With 10 consumed ML from a bottle with 100 ml tattoo paint, 10 % of the purchase price must be billed.
  • The tenant himself advertises customers and takes over reception, entertainment and sales talks as well as tattooing and aftercare. He must be clearly a customer of the tattoo artist, not the studio.

Therefore, the chair rental for tattoo artists is so attractive

The chair rental model has many advantages for tattoo artists. New founders rely on the principle as "old hands" in the tattoo world, since it brings more flexibility for tenants and landlords and minimizes the financial risk of high monthly costs. Business premises remain less empty, which has a positive effect on the wallet and the environment. Tattoo artists have more freedom To change the location and offer their tattoo art in different cities or countries. If you already have your own studio, chair rental could be an attractive way to generate more income and reduce energy waste to a minimum.

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