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TattooMed® After Tattoo 50x 25ml

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  • Vegan und Tierversuchsfrei
  • Pharmazeutische Hersteller
  • For the treatment of freshly tattooed skin during the regeneration phase in Care Days 3-21.

    Only after about two days the symptoms of inflammation subside and the regeneration phase begins. New skin cells enclose the color pigments in the dermis. During this process, the skin may become taut and itchy. Light scabs form from dry skin cells. Our "small TattooMed After Tattoo forms an additional protective film on the skin like the "big" one and relieves tension and itching. Thus you have with our After Tattoo 25ml you have a sales product in the studio that optimally supports your customers in the regeneration phase of smaller projects, provides their skin with the necessary nutrients and moisture to regenerate healthily and to reduce itching. new artwork optimally in the skin - so that your customers can enjoy it for a long time.

    The practical replenishment for your counter display.


    Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know:

    • Highly effective skin care
    • Initial care and healing of the fresh tattoo in the Care Days 3-21
    • Dexpanthenol (7%)
    • With vitamin E
    • Provides moisture
    • Reduces itching
    • Protects the colors
    • Soothes the skin
    • Dermatologically confirmed
    • Vegan, 100% without animal ingredients
    • Without perfume
    • We Love Animals

    Recommendation for use:

    From the third day after cleansing, apply in a thin layer the moisturizing TattooMed After Tattoo Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream to the skin. Repeat this procedure until the 21st day - 2-3 times a day.

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