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TattooMed® After Tattoo ProSeries 20x 20ml

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  • The CE medicine product for optimal wound care in the Care Days 1-2.

    Modern wound healing has developed significantly in recent years and today offers new opportunities for optimal wound care in the Care Days 1-2. In this phase of wound healing, it is important to bring the skin back into an externally undressed state as soon as possible and to calm her down in order to give it the opportunity to heal itself and renew their cells.

    Our Pro Series product TattooMed After Tattoo Pro offers the optimal function to support the skin in this exhausting and risky time. Due to its invisible protective film, the risk of penetrating foreign bodies and bacteria decreases. In addition, the optimal, moist wound climate creates a regeneration -promoting environment, which gives wound healing the best options. So you give your customer a safe feeling if, due to a paving allergy or very sensitive skin, no protection film or protection patch can be used in the first few days.

    Everything important here again briefly summarized for you:

    • CE medicine product
    • Sterile wound base
    • Creates an optimal wound climate
    • Protects against textile friction
    • Flexible adaptation to all parts of the body
    • Waterproof (shower possible)
    • Holds for several days
    • Transparent and almost invisible
    • Reduces scarring
    • No drying out (moist wound climate)
    • Recommended for pet posture

    Application recommendation:

    The After Tattoo Pro is applied to the cleaned skin of the customer immediately after stinging and forms a viscous protective film on the skin. Your customer can apply thinly at home in the Care Days 1-2 several times a day.

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