TattooMed Black Patch - ProSeries (2 Stk. / 10 x 20cm) - Einzeln-B2B - Pro Series-TattooMed
TattooMed Black Patch - ProSeries (2 Stk. / 10 x 20cm) - Einzeln-B2B - Pro Series-TattooMed

TattooMed Black Patch - ProSeries (2 pcs / 10 x 20cm) - Single

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  • The first protection patch that your customers offer UV protection for the new tattoo in the Care Days 1-2.

    Our patented Protection Patch Black stops 96% of all UV rays. It optimally protects and maintains your customers' fresh tattoo in summer.

    If you can be tattooed in midsummer, the first step out of the tattoo studio immediately stands out: the sun burns on freshly tattooed skin like fire and you can really feel how the cells are damaged. This is because freshly tattooed skin of all natural skin protection is missing and the sun can get so unhindered into the dermis. With the TattooMed Protection patch black you protect your customers' skin not only from contamination, dryness and germs, but the black patch also serves as a reliable UV protection and does not let harmful radiation through. He also optimally supports care and is waterproof and breathable - like the Protection Film and the Protection Patch.

    Everything important here again briefly summarized for you:

    • CE medicine product
    • Stops 96% everything UVA/UVB rays
    • Upf rating: very high protection
    • Sterile wound base
    • Creates an optimal wound climate
    • Protects against textile friction
    • Flexible adaptation to all parts of the body
    • Waterproof (shower possible)
    • can stay on the skin for up to 5 days
    • Transparent and almost invisible
    • Reduces scarring
    • No drying out (moist wound climate)
    • Patented system

    Application recommendation:

    Immediately after the jump-off, the patch is applied to the tattooed skin and protects the wound from UV radiation, drying out, foreign bodies and creates a moist climate.

    here Sorted by product groups, you find all ingredients to be shown in TattooMed® care series.

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