TattooMed® Cleansing Gel TEAM EDITION (Limited Edition) 20x 100ml-B2B - Care Series-TattooMed

TattooMed® Cleansing Gel TEAM EDITION (Limited Edition) 20x 100ml

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  • Vegan and animal test -free
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Gentle cleaning and care and your tattoo says thank you. The pH-neutral cleaning lotion for your tattoo in all three phases of Care Days.

    TattooMed Cleansing Gel Team Edition is a highly effective cleaning gel which can clean the skin surface of contaminants and germs. It also has high -quality nutrients that the skin needs in all three phases of the Care Days. Thanks to the pH neutral formula, it also protects the natural fat film on the skin and helps to bring additional moisture into the deeper layers of skin with dexpanthenol.

    Everything important here again briefly summarized for you:

    • Mild and gentle cleaning of freshly tattooed skin
    • Specially developed formula for tattoo care
    • Tattoo color protection
    • Donate moisture
    • Reduced the itching
    • Skin-friendly pH value
    • Dermatologically approved
    • Vegan 100% without animal ingredients
    • We love animal
    • Limited Edion



    We take care of tattooed skin every day. But we don't forget that there is still so much that we can take care of. We take responsibility with our limited edition team, because social commitment is concerned. Go to the club from every tube of this edition soldGate to hope e.V


    Application recommendation:

    With the Cleansing Gel Team Edition, you can clean your customers' skin before applying or applying the Protection Patch, Protection Film or After Tattoo Pro. For the regeneration phase in the Care Days 3-21, your customers can clean the fresh tattoo twice a day before applying the after tattoo.

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