TattooMed® Sun Protection Stick LSF30 30x 4,8g-B2B - Sun Series-TattooMed

TattooMed® Sun Protection Stick SPF30 30x 4,8g

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  • Vegan and animal test -free
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  • The specially developed sun protection for tattooed skin is now on the go from day 21 of the Care Days.

    On the way you are sometimes just surprised by the weather. Of the TattooMed Sun Protection Stick with sun protection factor 30 fits into every pocket and is always there. If your customers spontaneously eat ice cream, enjoy the lunch break in the sun or cycle to the city instead of the train instead of the train, you can pull out the handy pen within seconds and apply particularly sensitive zones. The stick and everyone else TattooMed Incidentally, products are not only practical for tattooed skin, but can also be used for the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and other heavily loaded areas.

    Everything important here again briefly summarized for you:

    • Tattoo color protection technology
    • UVA/ UVB broadband filter
    • Protects against environmental influences
    • Easy2use - stick and do not grease
    • Color protection immediately
    • Provitamin B5
    • Moisturizing
    • Dermatologically approved
    • Vegan 100%, without animal ingredients
    • We love animal

    Application recommendation:

    TattooMed Sun Protection Stick LSF30 should be applied to the skin before each sunbathing and checked several times in longer sunbathing. In addition to the TattooMed Color protection technology also has a light protection factor 30, which protects the skin with or without a tattoo from harmful solar radiation.

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